Triptolide-function and new developing


Triptolide isa pharmaceutically active compound extracted from Tripterygium wilfordii, a plant with a history of usein traditional Chinese medicine. The thunder god vine, as it is known, has beenused to treat inflammation and irritation. As of 2011,triptolide was still under investigation as a pharmaceutical product ofinterest, reflecting a growing interest in learning more about traditionalherbal remedies for the purpose of seeing how effective they are anddetermining if they have useful clinical applications.

This compoundappears to have a suppressive effect on the immunesystem in large doses, and it inhibits the development andspread of inflammation. Studies on triptolide have also shown that it hasanti-tumor properties, inducing cell death in cancerous cells, making itpotentially useful in the treatment of cancers. Finding medications forshrinking or stopping tumors is an important aspect of providing treatment forcancer patients with tumors too large, involved, or scattered to be treatablewith surgery.

In addition to being ofinterest to cancer researchers, triptolide was also fingered as a drug withpotential uses for the treatment of polycystic kidney disease. This condition is a common cause ofkidney failure around the world, and it stubbornly resists treatment. Studiesshowed triptolide might be applicable for the management of this common kidneyproblem. In addition, the compound appears to inhibit male fertility, making ita potential target for development by pharmaceutical researchers interested increating an oral contraceptive pill for men.