LuoHanGuo extract (Monk fruit Extract)--natural  sweetner


(LuoHanGuo )Monk fruit extract

Alternative E name:MomordicaFruit(Luo-Han-Guo) P.E.Arhat Fruit Extract

Latin name: Siraitiagrosvenori
Chinese Pin-Yin name: LuoHan Guo
Family: Cucurbitaceae
Genus: Siraitia
Part used: Fruit
CAS Number:

Specification: Mogrosides80%; Mogroside V 20%-65%
Packaging: 25KGper drum
Storage: Storein cool, dry place.

(LuoHanGuo)Monk fruit extract is a 100% natural powderedextract made from monk fruit, 100% natural, calorie-free sweetness from purefruit. it is approximately 150 -350 times sweeter than sugar, and is a uniquealternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. We concentrate the sweetestpart of the monk fruit to make an ingredient that delivers great-tasting, Theunique sweetness of monk fruit concentrate comes from naturally occurring sweetconstituents in the fruit called mogrosides which are up to 300 times sweeterthan sugar. These calorie-free compounds have a delicious, sweet taste withoutbitterness, making LHG extract an ideal choice for reducing sugar in a widerange of food and beverage products. To learn more about monk fruit and monkfruit extract visit

Luo Han Guo is a perennial vine, cultivated in northern Guangxiof China. Its dried fruits are ellipse or round, with brown or snuff surfaceand abundant small pale and black hairs. People have used it for centuries forboth its sweet flavor and its medicinal property in China. After processed, itcan be used as a remedy for colds and congestion of the lung. Nowadays Luo HanGuo is used as a low calorie-sweetening agent in juices or drinks, or it can bemade into a desirable beverage itself.

1. Luo Han Guo Extract (Mogroside) has been used in traditional Chinesemedicine for colds, coughs, sore throats, gastrointestinal disorder, as well asa blood purifier.
2. Luo Han Guo Extract (Mogroside) is easily soluble in water without anysediment. The Extract contains 80% or greater Mogroside.  Mogroside is 300times sweeter than cane sugar and is low in calories.  It is a stable,non-fermentable additive ideal for Diabetics.
3. Luo Han Guo Extract (Mogroside) contains high amounts of amino acids,fructose, vitamins and minerals. It is also used in traditional Chinese cookingfor flavor and nutrition. It is a versatile natural sweetener that is ideallysuited to replace artificial sweeteners such as aspartame. It works well inbeverages, baked foods, nutritional foods, diet foods or any food product thatrequires either a low to no carbohydrate sweetener or low to no calories.Cooking or baking does not affect the flavor or sweetness of it.

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